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15 Jan

We are waiting for LR approval from CIVL to start team registration process since it contains important info about total pilot number and team sizes. From the time of LR approval until 16.04.2016 NAC’s will be asked to submit lists with pilots names that will be constituting their national teams in their respective classes.

The maximum number of pilots in the championship is 125. The maximum number of pilots expected in Class 1 is 90. The maximum number of pilots expected in Class 5 is 35.
The numbers being “expected” means that if there are too few pilots in one Class and too many in another, numbers will be readjusted in agreement with CIVL Bureau.

Team sizes are:
• Hang Gliding Class 1 – 5 pilots
• Hang Gliding Class 5 – 3 pilots

NAC’s are invited to submit application for pilots in high enough numbers, so they can be included in case of extra allocation rounds.
The ranking reference date for qualification criteria, nation priority table and allocation is March 2016 ranking published on 1/4/2016
Individual pilot registration will start after approval from the screening committee.

A Screening Committee has been appointed with the following participants: Mitch Shipley (USA), Flavio Tebaldi (ITA) and Tim Grabowski (GER).
It will:
• Check that entries accepted by the organizer meet eligibility to compete criteria.
• Accept and check applications for exemptions.
• Check the allocation process and make sure it is done according to the rules.

Allocation will be done according to Section 7. The first allocation round will be made and results published on the official website on April 16, 2016.
The entry fee payment process will start on April 16, 2016. Confirmation of payment transfer must be sent to the organizers by email before May 15, 2016. Applications with fees paid, but not received or confirmed by the deadline will be refused.
After the first payment deadline the team allocation table will be updated. Any unpaid places will be re-allocated. The final allocation round will be made on May 16, 2015 until a total of 125 European pilots are reached or no more applications remain. Remaining spots, if any, will be given to non European pilots. The deadline for the final payment will be June 30, 2016. For any late payment, a supplementary fee of 50 Euros will be applied.

Between May 16, 2016 and the beginning of the competition, if any spot becomes open because of cancellation for any reason, the spot will be offered:
- First to a European pilot of the same NAC.
- Second to a European pilot of another NAC (in the order of the WPRS nation ranking, starting where the second allocation round finished).
- Third, to a non-European pilot.

All the necessary info will be published on the official web site

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